NIIMBOT & B.Duck Co-Branded D110 Thermal Label Makers

The co-branded label printer is paired with the classic cute yellow duck, with different styling elements, cool and fashionable, and brings users a different visual experience.

Thermal Labeling Machine

NIIMBOT and B.Duck’s co-branded thermal labeling machine not only looks cool, but the printing experience of the co-branded label printer is also very good.

They all use thermal printing method, no ink required, printing through mobile phone Bluetooth connection, APP intelligent editing, two-second fast paper output, can provide users with a very convenient and efficient label printing experience, plus the compact and portable body, suitable for one hand the habit of mastering. The whole machine weighs no more than 200g and can be carried anytime, anywhere, suitable for a variety of work and life scenarios, plus the equipped co-branded label paper, you can DIY a variety of marking methods according to your own ideas, and help users create their own beautiful and beautiful products simply and easily.


Easy to use, even a novice can quickly print a label.

Download the app
The application is currently only available on mobile phones, and supports IOS and Android mobile phone systems. It is not suitable for tablets and laptops. You can download and install it from the Apple or Google Play Store. NIIMBOT app can be used without subscription and registration. Please make sure you download and install the app from official channels.

Bluetooth Connection
Make sure the machine is fully charged, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the blue light flashes, On your phone , turn Bluetooth on, then enter the app. Press the unconnected button on the right corner of the app, choose printer model D110 from menu -> Match and connect Bluetooth via the app.

Load the labels correctly
Insert label tape as shown, Make sure the print side is face down to avoid blank printing or unrecognized labels.

Mobile editing
DIY editing, diverse printing content, a variety of templates and fonts to choose from, easy to paste after printing.

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